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Bride To Be Couture is Sacramento’s premier bridal boutique for the couture, fashion forward bride. We offer a perfectly curated, unique selection of designer wedding gowns with unparalleled customer service.


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A note from our Director

In 2012 I took a gamble. I had always known the bridal gown market in Sacramento was being under-served. I had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for fashion. I decided it was time to embrace my true calling. I booked a plane ticket to Chicago to learn about the industry from two family members to whom I owe part of my success. I signed a lease on a storefront and Bride To Be Couture was born! My gamble paid off. During our 7 years in business we’ve had an incredible growth curve and I’m truly thankful to my staff and our clients for the success our team has achieved.

At Bride To Be Couture our mission is to provide an over-the-top shopping experience for our clients, featuring the most fashionable new designers, custom gowns, and unparalleled customer service.