PHOTOGRAPHER: @francesephotography

What type of dress were you originally looking for when you started dress shopping? Did you end up with something similar or completely different? 

I originally wanted something lacy, off white, boho and simple. Sort of like a greek goddess type look; something unique and definitely a statement dress. After I started dress shopping I realized that I didn't really look good in that kind of dress and I wanted something more elegant, classic, clean/plain

How did you know that you found "the dress"?

It is so funny because we had been to a couple bridal stores and we were about to quit for the day when I said to my Mom "let's just look in Bride to Be really quick since it is right down the street". A friend had recommended Bride to Be, so I was curious. As soon as we park out front I saw my dress in the window. My Mom and I looked at each other and were like "That's It. That's THE ONE"

Tell us about your experience at Bride To Be Couture. What was your favorite part? 

I loved working with Erin. As soon as I met her, I knew we would get along great. She listened to what we said and helped us pick out a ton of dresses. It felt different than any other place we went. They were not pushy or weird, it was fun and exciting. Erin made me feel beautiful in every single dress I tried on. From trying on dresses, to getting my dress in, to my alterations......Bride to Be is professional, genuine and wonderful to work with.

Do you have any advice for brides that are at the beginning of their dress shopping journey? 

Don't look at prices, designers or box yourself in with one style. Try on many styles. Bring women you trust to help you pick out your dress. Ask for advice and options. Put your own unique spin on things. HAVE FUN!