What type of dress were you originally looking for when you started dress shopping? Did you end up with something similar or completely different? 

When I started to look for a dress, Pinterest was my best/worst friend. When looking on there I was overloaded with so many dress and styles, which overwhelmed me at many times. I pinned the ones that really caught my attention. After a couple months of pinning wedding dresses, I went through my pins and noticed that I was pinning dresses that had a common pattern. I knew I definitely wanted lace, an off color or blush, and that I definitely wanted to try on mermaid styled dresses (most of my pins were in this style but not all). As for the neckline of the dress, I was not sure what style I wanted. 

How did you know that you found "the dress"? 

I did not find my dress on the first day. Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming but Monica and my bridesmaids were able to help narrow my favorites down to two choices. I decided to make another appointment to come back the following week to try on those two dress on with a fresh mind. When I came back to try on those dresses, I was still having a difficult time. There were things from both dresses that I loved. Dina was helping me that day due to Monica having an emergency. Dina said that they just received some new dresses in and if I as was willing to try on another dress. I said, "sure, why not!" I tried on the dress and it was beautiful, but I was still not able to decide. Dina was very patient with me and asked me if I wanted to try on all three choices and so I did. I did a process of elimination and Dina and my sister were helping me talk through what I liked about each dress. I narrowed it down to two and realized that the third new dress was a combination of the two favorite dresses that I liked and that's the one I chose!

Tell us about your experience at Bride To Be Couture. What was your favorite part? 

Monica S. was my consultant, and she is the sweetest! She asked if I had a budget and she stayed within the budget! She encouraged me to look around the store myself and when I picked a dress that was over my budget she kindly let me know, which I greatly appreciated. The best part of the whole experience was Monica. She was so sweet, patient, and attentive to my needs/wants during the whole process. She really heard my likes and dislikes about the dresses and chose dresses accordingly.  

Do you have any advice for brides that are at the beginning of their dress shopping journey? 

Pinterest can be your friend/enemy. Look for patterns in your pinnings. Have some ideas to present to your consultant, so they have some place to start.  Trust your consultant, they are professionals and they want the best for you. Do not bring too many family/friends with you. They can make things confusing or cloud your judgement. And last but not least have an open mind.