What type of dress were you originally looking for when you started dress shopping? Did you end up with something similar or completely different?

Going into the dress hunt I had my heart set on a Grecian look - something very simple and flowy on the bottom, and for the top of the dress, I was attracted to the lace/illusion style. It's funny because even though that's what I wanted, the first dress I tried on was in two pieces with a very poofy, layered bottom and a lace/illusion top that Monica had thought would be perfect for me. I wasn't in love with it. Then I went on to the dresses with the "simple, flowy, Grecian" style I had my heart set on, and they were boring to me. I wanted a dress that made me feel amazing - and the look I thought would do that - just didn't. I went on to try on a few other looks, then started sweating because I was anxious I wouldn't find my dress. Sweating led me to put my hair up, and then I thought, I'm going to try on that first two-piece dress one more time. I looked in the mirror and that was it. That was MY dress - and I also knew I would wear my hair up! :) 

How did you know that you found "the dress"?

I didn't think that was "the dress" until the second time I put it on, but I knew because I felt absolutely beautiful in it. It was so different from what I would normally go for, but it was so "me." I really knew it was the one when I went back for my first fitting and never wanted to take it off! 

Tell us about your experience at Bride To Be Couture. What was your favorite part?

From beginning to end, my experience at Bride To Be was perfection. Monica made the dress finding day so special for me and my family/friends. We ate cupcakes, drank some bubbly and had a really great time. I never felt pushed into purchasing anything I didn't need. I told her my price point and she really found my perfect dress and perfect veil. SHE IS MAGIC. My favorite part though -was when I went in for my final fitting and realized I was in my wedding dress standing on the floors my soon to be husband had installed with his uncle (Monica's dad). It was such a special moment. 


Do you have any advice for brides that are at the beginning of their dress shopping journey?

Get out of your comfort zone!! Your dress is probably not the one you picture yourself in on your day. Go into the process with an open mind and make it fun! It's a dress, so don't stress. :) Also, trust your bridal consultant - they are magic makers.